Bow won’t shoot in MM

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):
Murder Mystery

What is the bug?
Bow won’t shoot…

Screenshots and/or video:

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Hey there :wave:

As far as I can see, you don’t have any arrows in your hotbar, which would explain why the bow won’t shoot arrows.

Is this a serious bug report or a troll? Any further info would be appreciated.


It is either serious, as you can see “Zapper Ready” in the actionbar, and he is pressing [LT].
Or, his controller is out of battery, he has putted the arrow in a inventory slot and kept pressing the wrong button.

But I believe it isn’t a troll.

Hello :wave:
This is a serious report… Whenever I am sheriff, the game decides when I try and shoot my bow, the arrow won’t shoot and it’ll stay like that for the rest of the game, unless I get 10 coins and get a arrow…

Hey there! As Splodg3r stated,

Does it give you an arrow when you are the sheriff or obtain a bow?

For More Information, I spawn in as sheriff, I see the murderer, I shoot, and it counts as a shot even though the arrow doesn’t shoot.

Would you be able to provide a video of that actually happening?

Maybe the arrow has a visual glitch?

I replied to your other message with the video @Splodg3r

@Splodg3r I replied to the other message beforehand with a video…

But are you shooting when you have an arrow? In both of the videos, you don’t have an arrow in your hot bar


I think the issue here is that the game won’t give him an arrow even though he is a sheriff and the game says the zapper is ready. I just did some quick testing and I found that, at least when I got 10 coins, that I can still shoot even if I move my arrow out of my hotbar and into my inventory. I didn’t get to test as a sheriff, though, so if anyone wants to test it as a sheriff and share the results, please do.

Edit: I played another round and it isn’t possible to drop the arrow, so I really don’t think he’s trolling.

I don’t have an arrow because I tried to shoot the murderer, and it ended up not shooting… It never appeared back in my hotbar…

If you could get a screen recording of the whole game, that would be very helpful

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I love the way you say “Zapper Ready” lmao.

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I can confirm it’s happening to multiple people as it happened to my brother but he didn’t record

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I don’t know if it matters but what I was doing before was that I had the bow pulled back for more than 1 minute while teleporting in the fireplaces. When I released the arrow, it shot then I didn’t get anything back.
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