Bow Mania - New Minigame Concept

Heyo all👋
Today I present Bow Mania, a minigame concept for the Hive! Perhaps for Mixed Arcade.

What is the main concept to Bow Mania?

You must shoot you way to victory against other players by using just a bow, an arrow and a shield. Getting shot, means you lose a point. Shooting another player means you gain a point. The game is made up of short rounds; at the end of a round the player(s) with the least amount of points is eliminated from the game, until eventually 1 player remains.

Now lets dive into the specifics to explain the game in more detail …

The Points system :point_down:

You start with no points. Every time you shoot a player, you gain a point, however when someone shoots you, you lose a point. Your points cannot go below 0 .

Rounds :arrow_right::arrow_right:

There will be short consecutive rounds. At the end of each round the player with the least amount of points will be eliminated. The timer will then be reset for the next round.
For example:
Orbixx has a total of 5 points at the end of the round, whereas everyone else has 6+. Orbixx will be eliminated.

Shields :shield:

Shields are rechargable, meaning you will have to wait to wield it again after using it too many times which of course drains the energy from it.

Bows & Arrows :bow_and_arrow:

Arrows would also be rechargable, but at a much faster pace than that of shields.

Power-Ups :arrow_double_up:

Power-ups could include higher jumps, swiftness. However, the power-ups will appear the same visibility-wise. This could be good for adding power-ups like blindness which isn’t as handy.

Maps :world_map:

The Maps would have many layers making it easy to hide from an enemy in order to charge your shield and arrows again. This would also fit well in order to hide power-ups around the map.

Bare in mind this is purely a concept. I may also add a GUI concept in later on.
Thankyou for reading :slightly_smiling_face:

I like that, good idea

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this is like Ground Wars but not a seasonal game. I love it!

I feel like this would be best as a mixed arcade game


Bow Mania? More like bowspamming simulator


There is an arrow cooldown :slightly_smiling_face:

bow spammers will love this game mode. And take my vote cause it will get them out of my TW games

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missed the joke