Bottom Chat UI Issue

With the new ui, of the games, and the hive texture packs, it has broken bottom chat ui, i would love for that to be fixed.

I know what you mean. Those are third party texture packs so idk if hive can fix that. Also, I’m 90% sure I’ve seen some other server use the new UI design, so that’s not even something hive can fix.

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Next time make sure to vote for your own suggestion, for some reason it isn’t automatic. Not sure why :thinking:

This also belongs in bug reports, but since you can’t change it into bug reports, you are going to have to your top post, and create a new thread, as a bug report.

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A small number of resource packs, specifically those that make changes to Minecraft’s UI, may conflict with our resource pack and cause it to be displayed incorrectly.

If you are having issues with our custom resource pack, please try the following:

  • Disable all resource packs that you are using
  • Rejoin the server and see if the issue is resolved
  • If the issue is resolved after disabling all of your resource packs, you can individually enable each one to find out which one is causing the problem

Once you have found the resource pack that is causing the problem, please contact our support team so we can investigate. When contacting our team, please explain the issue that you are having in detail, and attach or include a link to the resource pack, as well as screenshots where possible.

You can get in touch via email, at [email protected].