Boombox Glitch In Skywars

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It was in skywars, I was in NA region (im not too sure as im from EU but it sometimes automatically assigns me to NA for some reason.) I was playing solos on the map ‘ivory’.

What is the bug?
A detailed description/explanation of the bug

I placed a knockback boombox which worked as usual, but the boombox remained as a block instead of dissapearing after i had used it. I proceeded to stand on the block, which i got kicked for, i assume this is because the anticheat thought i was flying.

Device(s) & Version
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I was playing on my computer, so windows 10 at the time and my version is 1.20.70

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Hello :wave:

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

This issue is already logged and being looked into. It is caused by high ping or block placement spamming and is rare in nature.

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