Bonuses/Challenges for more XP

Bonuses/Challenges for more XP

We all know that when you reach a specific level you get cosmetics, therefore you tend to grind more for better rewards. But sometimes it can get too repetitive (Murder Mystery, Hide n Seek) and you start looking for alternatives to play differently, therefore I suggest bonus task in game which challenges the player to earn some extra experience after every match.

More information:

You may think quest points and bonus xp are almost the same, however the quest points don’t reward you with xp in the game unless you buy experience boost in the quest island. How it works is that you get a randomized task each game for extra challenges. You don’t have to complete them but it will help you progress a lot faster.
For a example:
Murder Mystery tasks

  • Gather 20 coins before the game ends (25xp)
  • Use at least 3 interactions before the game ends (25xp)
  • Be in the top 5 last innocents (25xp)
  • Murder everyone (25xp, only for muruderer)
  • Kill the murderer within 2 minutes (25xp)

Hide n Seek tasks

  • Kill 5 hiders before the game ends (25xp, only for seekers)
  • Kill the last block (25xp, only for seekers)
  • Taunt at least 4 times using the green category (25xp)
  • Taunt at least 5 times using the red category (25xp)
  • Be the last block remaining (25xp)
  • Stay unhidden for 1 minute (25xp)

Deathrun tasks

  • Kill at least 25 players before the game ends (25xp, only for killers)
  • Finish this map in under 1.30 (25xp)
  • Earn monster or ultra kill (25xp, only for killers)
  • Finish this run with at least one death (25xp)

The list goes on for every game!
These tasks are completely randomized for each individual player so that not everyone has the same target, therefore this bonus experience can allow players to challenge themselves in order to progress faster. It may not benefit the maxed out players but it provides entertainment and challenge for everyone who likes to earn more xp.
It doesn’t have to be exactly 25xp for every task, maybe it can be higher or lower depending on the difficulty of the randomized task.