Bomber kit

This kit contains

1 blast protection two chain mail chest plate
1 knock back boom box
1 boom boxes
1 poisoning boom box
1 frozen boom box
And every kill you get it gives you a Norma boom box

Lemme know what you think


I like it

Only issue I have is that there are 2 normal boom boxes I think it should be one like the rest especially since you’d get one after every kill. Earned my vote tho


I suppose you are right I’ll change that

Yeah I think it could actually be a kit. I was just thinking maybe adding 3 extra hearts throughout the game because the boom box can sometimes cause damage to you. Also, I mean 3 extra hearts as in 3 heart slots above your normal set. So the bomber kit would basically regenerate up to 13 hearts instead of 10, just to balance it out with the other kits.

I think a blast protection diamond chestplate at the start of the game

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I think blast port 2 chain mail chesrplate would work, because the diamond one would make you immune to bombs so I’ll add that ty


Also I think this one is very op because if you mine all reset one you would have 18 hearts

No lmao, I mean you can have 5 extra hearts max, but the bomber kit will allow you to Regenerate to 3 extra hearts. Sorry for the poor communication.

Oh it’s ok lol I see what you are saying

The reason why I am bumping this is cz it has potential

Not really a bump but it has great potential

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Thanks I appreciate it

Why did it say this was completed? Also ty splodger for moving it

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Ya y it say complete?

its a kinda glitch thing if a mod edits the post

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Oh I thought it got added lol

Bump for having potential

Upvote for being old but good and lots of new forumers for new opinions

And new votes shhhhhhhh