Bluebird on beathrun

My mc name is “Fallen Skai” , my region is Europe , this bug happens to all maps of deathrun .
Whenever i run-jump and right click on the feather i keep getting the bluebird disconnect.
Im oplaying on Win10 and im using 1.17 version .

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Hey there :wave:

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

Would you possibly be able to get a video of this?


Hello, I was playing today with my screen recorder on and I managed to get the bluebird error on camera

I do apologize for the audio.


I sadly can’t access that video, would you be able to upload it to YouTube?

I’m sorry, but yes I can, you can find It by looking the up “the hive bluebird error” on YouTube

Can’t you just link the video?

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Hey there :wave:

This issue has been fixed, please submit another bug report if you find the issue occurring again.