Blocks' Shop (HnS)

Since in Java edition there’s the possibility to buy some blocks by tokens, I was thinking the same for Bedrock edition. So my request is making a shop in the HnS lobby (where you wait for starting a game) where you can buy blocks, that you cannot have normally, by some hns exp. Here’s an example:

• Emerald Block —> 500exp*
• Flower Pot —> 1000exp*
*Blocks’ costs are just examples!

Please tell me what you think about this idea, and if you like it, you can give a vote! Thanks for reading! :smiley:

I suggest with taunt points. They are actually unused ever so let’s make them in use. :arrow_right:


Meh, the hive wants to have no advantages for playing longer besides skill


it’s not really an advantage

As said by @Ryan this is not an advantage. It’s just a way to make the game kinda funnier and different. You may find new spots pretty good, that maybe aren’t so good with the current blocks or it makes the game more challenging to the seekers

But it’s still something available only for people who played longer.

it’s just a different block. You can already see what blocks are left.

Well, find me a game where you can have different and better cosmetics at the beginning. This is just a way, for who likes playing Hide and Seek several times, not to keep this game too repetitive and boring