Block Placement Prevention at Base

In TW you can place blocks anywhere within your base which shouldn’t be possible since in many team survival based minigames there is some kind of block placement prevention implemented to stop players from placing blocks anywhere at their base but on the Hive there is no such block placement prevention. Basically by implementing Block Placement Prevention this will stop players from placing blocks within a certain radius near the player’s spawn location, These locations that will have this placement prevention include the structure that houses the shopkeeper, the team summoner and spawn location.

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You currently cannot build near the player spawns. There is a message sent n chat if you try that.
Other than that, I do not see why placing blocks in a team island shouldn’t be allowed.

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There is already block protection at spawn. There are some plays that rely on blocking players out of the shop/generator that can’t be done with this. Ruining plays like these is never good for anybody.

tldr for the original post: hive should add it because other servers add it

hive doesnt like copying other servers for no reason.