Block Party's Climax (Round 25)

Hey all,
I would LOVE to see the climax (round 25) of Block Party be achievable while also not making it too easy to get there. I want it to feel earned… both because you learned the best spots and by your reaction times. The maps themselves impact the climax to a large degree as well. If anyone can make my suggestion reality, it’s this awesome group who designed its predecessor (aka you guys)!

Some ways I thought of were:
-Make maps with the best spots missing almost only 1-3 colors on the highest speeds (1.5s - .5s)
-You can disguise the best spots by making maps asymmetrical
-You can make the best spots on maps that are viable at the highest speeds be harder to survive (1.5 blocks vs 3.5, so on)
-Maps with good color spread allow more areas of the map to still give you a decent chance of surviving despite it not being the best spot

For the record I am NOT saying any of these ideas haven’t been considered before. It’s just really important to me. I love Block Party. Thank you!


Hi!! Thanks for your suggestion! I also really love Block Party, but since not much is known how this game is going to look on bedrock as compared to java, it may be best to refrain on making any suggestions until the game is actually out =) Once the game is out, I think it’d be a perfect time to build on this idea!! Thanks for your understanding and once again for your suggestion! :blobheart: