Block Party TP & Falling Through The Floor

 I really love the new game that you guys added, block party! It is a really fun game and seems to be amazing with very little bugs. However, it seems a few have slipped through your fingers.
 To start off with, the teleport isn't always working right. Sometimes, I'll click on the teleport and it will not work, and it'll say that I need an active round to teleport. If you could remove the teleport window and allow us to do it whenever, it would make the game a lot more enjoyable. This would prevent players from getting stuck under the floor, and it would allow them to not have to worry about clicking on it too late.
 Similarly, if a player jumps too early, they can have the floor spawn on their heads and they will fall into the void. However, while suffocating, the player will get an "Update!" texture where the floor's texture should be. Not just that, but I personally feel that the suffocation glitch that you get when falling through the floor shouldn't happen. Instead, you could make a block with an invisible texture that will teleport you back up to the surface until the floor is removed.

Sorry, I meant to do bugs, not suggestions. Didn’t know how to fix it because it wouldn’t let me.

Hi, welcome to the forums!
For future reference, please don’t suggest or report multiple things in one post. The first bug you reported, will hopefully be fixed in future. As for the second bug you reported, I don’t think this should be fixed, because if you fall into the void, thats your fault. Your partly already in the void, so unless you have a colour teleporter or leap, you should just fall into the void. thats all I have to say.

Thanks for reading, Seb :beedance:


This is a bug report, so try and put this on the bug report page

(But also ive reported it before this topic was created so maybe don’t)

Oh and I also agree the second bug isn’t really one it’s just too many people have it because they want to jump early off of the safe platforms as the new ones spawn and they mis time it