Block Party the Party of Colored Blocks!

Hi :smiley: I have a suggestion for a mini game on the hive server! It’s called Block Party and I don’t know how to explain it well but you can search videos on it and I know that Chad Alan a youtuber played it once so you could search for his video. It’s a really fun game to me and I think it’ll be fun to a lot of others. I would like to see it put in permanently but if that doesn’t work you could put it as a limited time game mode! I really hope you decide to do this and thank you for reading this have a great day!

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Hello :wave:

Block Party is planned to be in the Mixed Arcade which is coming soon on the Hive. You can view all the upcoming updates and plans on the public roadmap here. (You can find this in the “Mixed Arcade (Working Title)” card on the “In Progress” section.