Block Party suggestion ( player count)

Idea: Player Count

Since zachary51491 has already suggested a lot of things that would make blockparty awesome and enjoyable to play, especially for the java hive players that have been waiting for blockparty’s return for so long! I would like to suggest a simple thing in terms of the amount of players per game. Preferably, the ideal amount of players per game would be 20. ( 12 players would be required to start the lobby countdown with 20 max players). Having a game with 12-20 players instead of only 12 ( like in block drop) would increase significantly the intensity of the game, making it more fun. Also, with the higher amount of players per game, the chances of getting to round 25 would be higher, making it more attainable. With low amount of players per game, the chances of getting to round 25 technically reduces, making round 25 very hard to achieve, additionally making the game go by quicker, which in my opinion reduces the intensity of the game.

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Hello @NSK6996! Welcome to the forums! :wave:

In blockparty, it is part of the game for each round to get harder with quicker concessions. There is with no doubt there may be a possible high player count but there is an issue.

You see, when it comes to a high playercount for a game, this will increase wait times which will in no doubt will make players start to leave. I believe the playercount will go no higher than a maximum of 16.

Most hive games have 12+ players in the gamemode so there is also no doubt this would be added c:

Yea i agree actually, 16 would be better just in case of the players leaving

The finalized player count, regardless of size, can be argued as both the correct or incorrect number. When it comes to the Hive in general, its predecessor on Java was much smaller, roughly 7x-9x as small for scale. Either way that didn’t stop BP from consistently filling their lobbies at an acceptable speed. But something Java Hive did differently was they reduced the lobby requirement before the initial countdown began.

Mathematically, Bedrock Hive requires an 83.33% threshold in some of their arcade games before the countdown begins. But considering the maximum lobby size is usually around 12 players in those games, you might find that a smaller handful of people leaving, to a larger degree, impacts the reduction of that number below the 83.33% threshold. If they simply reduced the lobby threshold to a smaller percentage, it would no doubt start games faster as well as reduce the possibility of people leaving before the game starts, thus resetting the timer.

Furthermore something you might also want to consider with the overall size of a given lobby rests solely on the game itself along with some rather subjective opinions based on first-hand experience backed by factual data. Various tests I have conducted has determined that a nameless version of Block Party (community guidelines) stands out as the most luck-based. In this particular version, it is not uncommon to get a luck-based win or defeat or luck-based tie due to the increased uncontrollable factors presented inside of the game. The more players introduced into one lobby, the higher chance that luck will favor one of those additional players. My conclusion is: the more skill-based a game is, the larger the lobby size I would be okay with. The more luck-based, the fewer players I’d want.

The last point of order is the premise of the game Block Party. Whether it be 2 players or 200, the use of a player visibility item would render the issue of players blocking your view irrelevant. Also please put the block in slot 5 :smiley:

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