Block party knock back nemo

Block psrty should add a knockbacknemo as a Powerup to make it more interesting and fun

Sorry Hive won’t consider adding this as it may be unfair
And someone had made this suggestion before.

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Yeah, kb nemo would be frustrating and annoying in bp. I am trying to find the original but I haven’t found it yet.

EDIT: I found it :smiley:

It was even archived lol. I like Splodger’s cs idea though.

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A Hive staff member said they wont be adding KB nemo to Block Party itself but rather in a custom server.

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Hey there :wave:

Thank you for your suggestion, however, The Hive staff have said that they will not be adding Knockback Nemos to Block Party.

We do however, plan on adding them to custom servers, so you can have the option to enable or disable them when playing in a custom server.