Block Party Color Lime right Translation

Affected Language:
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• Dutch

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•While playing Block party when color Lime is choosen .

Affected Text:
Please type the text, exactly as it appears in-game

•The text appears when the choosed color in the game show the name of the translating mistake calls “limoengroen” which is a completly other color meaning .

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•Lichtblauw,(like in the other word lichtgrijs it should be the same for light green. In dutch it means correctly translate (Lichtgroen) and not “limoengroen”.

Explanation of Issue:
What is wrong with the text, and why would your suggested improvement be better?

•The other words are correctly with (lichtblauw),(lichtgrijs) the better improvement were to add (lichtgroen) to the right corrected translating for “limoengroen” because we are doesnt use lime for colors we use the word “licht” (englisch word light) to call colors with light like lichtblauw,lichtgrijs,lichtgroen and more … the word lime are going used in drinks or other tasted stuff but not in lighted colors. So it can cause confusion to us and to the other dutch players while playing Block Party.

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Screenshot of the affected text

This is my second corrected improvement translating for the mistake of an translated issue. I’ve doesnt received the hub title Translator yet. My Translation would improve and help the dutch players and dutch language players which have problems to find out what that translation mistake could mean.

Have a great day .

Regards! Scorpion56626

Hey there :wave:

Our translators have approved this suggestion, and it will soon be implemented into the game.

Thank you for contributing to the improvement of our translations! :translations: