/block list

This command/list could be where you put people like hackers, game hoppers, or stream snipers. You could use this command by typing /ignored or /block. In the list, you could remove or add players

I might add a screenshot of what it could look like later

I’m confused. Is this like blocking other players?

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Yes, but it just makes it so they can’t join your game…to prevent people from being streamsniped or gamehopped

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Oh, okay! I think think it would be more fitting if you were to change this to /block but I definitely like the idea!

I believe you can block players by clicking on their name in the player list and clicking on the “Block” slider.

Could someone verify if this is the case?

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idk, but i think you can block people’s xbox account which might block people

Ok, so I actually just tested it and it doesn’t seem to work.

That blocks them from seeing your chat.


Could just block players I know are semi-decent at the game and prevent them from joining my games, so I think if this were to be added, it would need to be a creator rank thing


there’s already a thing like xy said, the block button. it makes it so you can’t see their chat iirc (takes a while to work). making it so they cant join your game like tgt said would be too op

I don’t think it worked, actually

This should also make it so the people on this list can’t join your cs’ (Specifically the ones you make) For streamers this would make it so stream snipers, hackers, etc can’t join their cs’ this would help not just streamers though

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Yeah making it so they can’t join ur game wouldn’t really work because one of u would have to be kicked and that would give players a lot of power

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