Block Drop Update Ideas!

I have some ideas on how hive could update blockdrop
And I’m not saying I want these all added at one time it’s just “ideas” and different ways to update the game

In this new update there would be new levels, powerups, maps, and game mechanic. I’ll explain each one
Currently in my opinion a lot of powerups are not very useful and the only good powerups are the Nemo, block replace, and vaults. Here are some new more powerful powerups for faster games.


This powerup can be placed on the ground, after 3 seconds of being placed it explodes a 5x5 radius of blocks. This powerup might seem a little overpowered but it gives time for players to move and if a player breaks the block under the bomb it will disappear. this powerup is rarer than others


hive could add 3 new potion powers that get splashed on an enemy. These potions are fire, blindness, and slowness. I’ll explain what each one does
Fire-gives the player a fire texture for 5 second
Blindness-Blinds the player for 3 seconds
Slowness- slows the player for 5 seconds
These powerups would be common but to use them you have to splash a player with the potion making them harder to use


This new drill powerup will dig down and break a 3x3 radius on each level down meaning it can affect anyone on layers below you. To allow time to move this powerup won’t be fast it takes 3 seconds to get down a level


This powerup can be thrown, it will hit a 5x5 radius and turn all those blocks into crumbling ice. This gives players time to move but the ground will be ice making it harder



Similar to the last game mechanic this is a way to make the game go faster and keep it fast paced.
If a player doesn’t sprint, or move a certain distance after a certain amount of time they will be given speed for 5 seconds. This should help with players waiting for the block to break before moving to the next one.


To create faster games over time blocks will decay on their own, this decay will become faster over time


As another mechanic for faster games the area under the bottom layer will become a no leap zone preventing people from leaping back up and making the game longer.


To create a faster game and another way to avoid sweats prolonging the game if a top layer is empty for 10 seconds and doesn’t have a powerup it will auto destruct

I have some new map ideas these are
GALACTIC-spaced and futuristic themed
CANYON-inside a canyon, western themed
SKYLINE-takes place above a city
WASTELAND-takes place in a dead volcanic land
hive should change max level to 50 as lvl up currently is very fast
Here are some of the new unlocks it could give


[player] Got Lost In The VOID!
[player] wanted to smell death
[player] dropped like the blocks




a new unlock with this update could be death sounds, playing a unique noise when you die. Here are some examples
Portal noise
Vanished (whoosh)
Exploded (BOOM)
Banished (sky wars kill noise)


Never gonna drop you down!
Decay Avoider


For level 50 you get the new version of the block drop npc as a costume

I don’t expect many of these to actually get added but if hive were to add any of these I would suggest the maps, some of the powerups and levels

please give feedback and ideas on this, thanks for reading!


i think some of these are good ideas, just we don’t need allll of these. i think the bomb, and snowball would be cool powerups and i like the unlockables for up to level 50. but im not a huge fun of the game mechanics tho. i think the no leap zone could work but i just don’t see those game mechanics as reasonable add to block drop.

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I don’t see all of your ideas getting implemented but I do have feedback…

  1. I don’t think Block Drop needs 50 levels because its not that popular of a game that needs so much people playing and it doesn’t really seem necessary
  2. The powerups would be too OP imo and would almost ruin the gameplay and make it 10x more annoying. Just imagine if you were casually playing and then a bunch of these things will hit you.
  3. The game mechanics would be a little bit unnecessary because for the Fast Walk, if a player were to sprint to keep the game fast paced, the player might end up accidentally slipping off the map (yeah i know that was supposed to be fast paced but it would also be annoying to just have speed even for 5 seconds) For the Block Decay, I think this is the decent powerup that can be added :wink: but I dont think it will be completely flawless. The No-Leap Zone however will be really annoying because what if someone still has their leaps with them and they are on the last layer?

In conclusion, I think more of your ideas will have more cons than pros and will also make the game very annoying to play. Everything else like the maps and the game unlocks seem good. For the levels though… not so much since Block Drop doesn’t need 50 max levels.


The Main reason I want it to have more levels is just because of how fast you can already level up. I think adding levels, and updates could make players want to grind it like me :slight_smile:

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Okay I get that adding more unlocks and cosmetics would be nice. But would anyone really want to take the time and grind Block Drop nonstop if it had 50 levels? Its not like Block Drop is that popular.

The problem with 50 lvls is that it’s just an arcade game

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Me who would do it immediately: ._. As someone who just isn’t as much of a pvper I like blockdrop so this update would be for the people like me I guess. Also I don’t think it would take long to get 50 levels as I reached max lvl in 3 days after arcade release
Also even if it is just an arcade game I think it would get more levels in the future just like most other games that started with fewer levels

If it did get more levels in the future, it probably wont get 50 levels. What if after a while you play Block Drop, your grind will start to get boring?

And that’s why I’m suggestion an update lol. I do kinda understand that
I designed the powerups to give a more exciting feel to the game

The rest of this topic is just gonna be me and you giving counter arguments to each other but anyway…
The powerups would be new but would it really be that fun to play if someone kept getting encountered with these?

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I really like this idea! I’ll vote for this!

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I love this idea too!

I just don’t like the idea of 50 lvls. But otherwise this seems cool and well thought out. Some powerups are too OP


What is the bad thing about 50 levels though? A lot of people like me enjoy grinding the game and 25 levels isn’t a lot. It’s not like it will have a bad effect on gameplay at all either.

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I’m just not a fan of the idea, but everything else seems great tho!

I made a few changes to this, and am bumping for more peoples to see


Also no.

And no.

The max level costume for 50 should be called “The Dropper”

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Or it can just be the purple version of the max level costume…

I should get back to grinding it.

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