Block Drop Powerup translation error(es_mx)

Affected Language: es_mx

Affected Service: Block Drop

Affected Text: Golpe

Suggested Text: Click

Explanation of Issue:

i was playing block drop, and i see a powerup.

but i see again another strange translation: the translation was “Golpe” ( in my language “Golpe” means like punch a thing or somebody )

but that word is most used for punch somebody ( like that example: " yo te quiero darte golpe con mi mano"( that example means in english: i want to hit you with my hand)

sorry for that example, i don’t think in another example.(i don’t want to hit you)

thats word is most used in PVP games or fighting games (in block drop only you can hit a player when you have a knockback nemo)

but the word “Click” is most logic and makes more sense, because block drop is not a PVP or a fighting game, and you can only “kill” if you have a knockback nemo.

( and a knockback nemo is sometimes rare, and you cant kill him, only you can knockback him).

thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Screenshots and/or video

Screenshot of the affected text:

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Thanks for submitting a suggested change for our translations!

After discussing your idea with our translators, we have decided to keep the current string as it is, as it is an accurate translation of the English text.

Whilst we get your reasoning, we cannot use the word ‘click’, as we are a multi-platform game (many players do not play with a mouse). We feel ‘punch’ is generally understood by players in this context.

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