(Block Drop) Make blocks disappear faster after being walked on after the 5 minute mark

Making the block disappear faster would help make the games go faster, as you wouldn’t be able to just stand on one group of blocks that could last for the next couple minutes.


Honestly this should be applied at the very first second of the game.


Why not make blocks disappear faster each minute? It doesn’t need to be too much of speed, but it can be +0.1 or +0.2 speed or something like that.

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Wow an ltm suggestion got duped
Never happens

This is a good improvement, but maybe the increase could stack over time.
+0.1, +0.15, +0.2, +0.25, and so on

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The hive is already working on it and it will be probably changed in a matter of days!



splodger said he wants to make it faster at somepoint


replying to skep

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last nights stream but idk the time stamps

what stream?

This one near end probably

Okay so I just realized

The blocks fall really slowly. This is good for the following reasons:

  • You can actually see what’s happening.
  • You can get out of tricky situations easier.
  • I don’t have to sprint jump and turn the camera at the same time jeez.
  • There is enough time to use a vault.

If it gradually gets faster, it can’t get too much faster otherwise the game will become unplayable on every device except PC.

Vaults feel broke ngl

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Why I do like that blocks stay there for some time, I do feel like they should speed up a little bit once halfway through. Maybe only having them fall around 30% - 40% faster?

But it also makes the game a contest of standing around, instead about running and tronning other people, if you want to be effective


They should just skip the yellow section completely

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