Block Drop : Blitz (editted)

Hey there so iv seen so many posts about speeding up block drop, so i was thinking, lets keep the game the same but make a new mode.

Block Drop : Blitz

Changes to the normal game:

•The top floor starts to decay from out to in, all floors will decay over the game but the top floor decays the fastest, once destroyed the next top floor’s decay will speed up.

•Blocks break normally

•New powerups include an item that can break blocks, boomboxes that you can throw possibly?

•Knock back nemos chance increases and we get 1 leap.

Space for edit:
•Blocks drop faster

lmk what yall think :mailbot:


This sounds really cool but if hive were to do something like this it would probably be added to custom servers as options, and a preset for blitz

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I LOVE THIS IDEA! The one thing I would change is the fact that blocks instantly break. I think they should stay the same or be a little bit faster.


I like your idea except for:

I think that if this is implemented, the mode will be too fast and too similar to TNT Run. Maybe they could slightly make the rate in which the blocks drop faster, but not completely eliminate the delay.

Also, I think the boom box power ups are a great idea. I was going to suggest them but it’s great that you already have.


Editted! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: