Blacksmith Kit Idea

Before anyone comments something read the entire topic.
Im open to suggestions for changes

This better not be a dupe

I haven’t seen a kit with any similar perks and items as the one I’m about to suggest, I searched up “kit” and didn’t find anything similar.

Starting Tools

You would start with
Diamond Helmet - Iron Sword - Iron Axe - Iron Pickaxe - Diamond Axe (has a perk)


A perk would be
Diamond Axe - Inflicts weakness 2 for 2.5 seconds - Axe has 15 second cooldown between uses

Why this kit should be addded

I think this kit should be added because


1• Is decently balanced, obviously it’s going to be better than some kits, but I don’t see it as Overpowered. Besides the axe, the starting materials aren’t bad but aren’t good, but the axe adds in another element.


2• It’s kinda unique - it’s not a kit you could make easily with command blocks or something, and it also not plain and could introduce completely different strategies to Kits as we know it.

Summary - Blacksmith kit starts with Iron Sword, axe, and pickaxe, and also a diamond helmet and axe. The axe gives weakness 2 to whoever it hits for 2.5 seconds. The axe has a 15 second cooldown.

I like this idea, we need a sort of ‘Tank’ kit
the starting armor is way too OP (maybe only an iron chestplate, or chain chestplate and iron helmet) but I like how it’s simple and semi-original

The diamond axe is way too op may annoy alot of players and also axes aren’t used in mcbe pvp so basically the axe will ruin everything

It has a 15 second cooldown, i could make it longer if you think its too short. I don’t think it will be too annoying because its only weakness and slowness. Maybe there could be a punishment on the player who uses it?
I editied the kit to say “weakness 1 slowness 1 for 2.5 seconds”

and remove this bc I don’t think u can hit a sb

i mean even then its pretty op as an initial loadout


I think this kit is useless bc

  1. It’s a little bit op
  2. u can just get armor by breaking the starter chests

instead of saying why its useless, give a suggestion on how it could be useful or changed to be less op instead of just saying “its a little bit op” as that would actually help me make it better. Thanks for the response though.


i see what you mean. Ill edit the post

Its a single diamond helmet. I don’t see how thats way too OP. Can you elaborate please?

Sorry, I misread and thought there would be an iron chestplate, a helmet is good

no worries, your fine.

getting hit with slowness would be an instant death sentence in sky wars, even with a cooldown or any drawbacks to using the axe,


Do you have an alternative? I would like to make this suggestion as good as possible and saying something is bad and not giving any suggestions on how to change it isn’t helpful to me or anyone else. Not trying to come off as harsh btw just trying to get a point across.

it’s a good idea

an idea is that whenever you hit someone with the axe, the axe’s durability significantly lessens. slowness is super op if you have a bow, since you’ll land every shot, so on top of the cooldown, lesser uses would be balanced.

and if the axe were to be iron instead of dia, that’d be better, since normally you start off with a stone sword, and an iron axe does the same atkdmg as a stone sword. makes more sense imo, probably would be best not to have a high-dmg magic axe lol.

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That’s a good idea. My thought was that
Dia Axe = Iron Sword damage wise
Honestly should I just remove the slowness entirely
Make the perk “ Weakness 2 for 2.5 seconds - Dia Axe has 15 second cooldown “
Because most of the things people don’t like about this is the slowness.
I’ll edit the post to include that change
Thanks for actually suggesting something

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i mean yeah that’d be alr but kinda takes away a good perk.
perhaps leveling it out, like if the axe also gave them resistance (sorta like that Turtle potion or whatever it’s called)

I mean thinking back on it, certain play styles ahem bowspammers could use the axe as a free target practice as d4nk_ducc mentioned. Your idea of resistance might work but I just think slowness in general can be easily abused

Maybe you only get 3-5 uses a game?
(With cooldown) Because people will abuse this SO MUCH