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hello, i love to spend my money on the hive but lately i haven’t seen anything i need. but then they added pet, they are cool and all but it seems like a waste of money for just a hub experience. so maybe they can also be in the pregame lobby aswell. another way for me to find myself bying a pet is if you please add cow pet pretty please. as you can tell i love cows :cow2: :cow: . i have to costume and everything. this will 1000% make me buy a pet. that is all thanks. edit: sorry i figured if i was gonna suggest cow pet i might as well suggest pregame lobby pets.


Hey there! This has already been suggested as shown here:

In the future use the search tool :mag: in the top right to avoid making duplicates.


This is a duplicate suggestion, use the search function befor you suggest something
Show pets In Game lobbies
Fishing I did not see you lol

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Duplicate Suggestion