Better end-game message


If you win a game, It would be cool if there was “You won” or “Victory” on the screen instead of “Game Over” (if you have the game in french, when you win a game, it litteraly says “you lost”).

This might be a bug, as in English there’s a victory screen with a totem and some stats (number of kills) for tw and sg at least, and I’m sure there will be one for sw soon. however, if its incorrectly translated in French, so if I’m right you might want to move this to #server-bug-reports :+1:

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My game is on French so I’m also impacted by this.

In games which doesn’t have a special victory screen (so no TW, SG, SW), the screen says

> Perdu <

Which means « You lose » in French. This impacts :

  • Murder Mystery
  • DeathRun (when you run out of time)
  • Hide And Seek
  • Just Build ? Idk, haven’t paid :warning: attention

ah okay, thanks for clearing that up.

would it be a bug, or something simply not implemented?


Hmmm… :thinking:

I think it’s a translation bug, as it seems that the translation for victory screen is not working/not created.

There are a few translation bugs in almost every available language (except for english), some translations aren’t created.

Also I think this specific bug has already been reported

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