Better angles

better angles would help some yts maybe for instance.

i think you should be able to be in first person of a player and it shows what they are holding and your head gets turned where they turn it and you get a dismount item if you want to go back to normal replay cinema

any ways you might know me for this :beedance:

Hey, sadly this is not possible & is also a duplicate suggestion Have a nice day!


Grr :rage:

I was typing that

Anyways, it might be possible now. I have no no idea though. All I know is Minecraft added a bunch of camera changes, so maybe it’s possible now?


Sorryy, I didn’t see D:

This might be possible now I suppose but I don’t really know :person_shrugging:


I don’t really understand this. What do you mean “better angles”?

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Like better ways to watch the replay

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