Being able to select who you want to invite in a CS/Party

You should be able to select people to a CS or a party instead of having to choose “invite all” or “one at-a-time.”

When you invite someone, you should be able to choose multiple people at a time. The only choices right now are inviting all your friends, or invite only one. Being able to pick multiple people at a time will save a lot of time.

This is a good idea when you want to invite only a few friends in your list. Right now, if you want to invite a few people, you have to invite them individually, which takes a long time.


Bump because this is very needed, it’s extremely time-consuming to pick individually

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Agreed. This is really needed when you have a LOT of friends and you need to scroll down to invite your friend.

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Sort of like a multi select option?
Sounds fair yes

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Yeah a multi-select option :+1:t2: