BedWars Winstreak Return

In Treasure Wars we had the option to view our winstreak, and with the edition of BedWars taking it’s place, we no longer have that option. Let’s bring it back, it was a cool idea that got accepted and they removed it. :slightly_frowning_face:

idea photo mockup thingy i made in 34 seconds

I never really noticed it but id like this in anyways!


How are people level 8?!! I’m barely level 2.
Anyways, I did notice this and want this suggestion to be added. Voted!
Also I don’t play a lot because every time I do I get siderushed by the dumbest names who are probably 5-year old Cheeto licking iPad kids who probably never touched grass.


you should’ve seen the level 18 guy in a squads game.



I dont like cheetos (i prefer Cheesy Puffs) and 5 year olds are probably the only ones who have enough time to actually lvl up (if they were actually good enough to get xp)

Anyway back on topic thus would be a nice qol and its not to hard to implement too cus they already ahve the code


I’m all for this to be re-added, but I am guessing it was removed to make BW less competitive, so unless they go full 180° and start making it competitive again I doubt we will see this happening.