Bedwars BED name

Affected Language:

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
Bedwars Lobby

Affected Text:
“Sbloccato al livello 20 di BED”(The “20” can be substituted for other levels),
“Il tuo Armadietto di BED”

Suggested Text:
“Sbloccato al livello 20 di LETTO”,
“Il tuo Armadietto di LETTO”

Explanation of Issue:
The text should be translated to LETTO (translation for bed) so it is better understood by players.

Screenshots and/or video:

The unlocks can be changed for every one.

Thanks for submitting a translation suggestion!

As ‘BED’ is the code name for BedWars, it is unfortunately not something that we can localize.