Bed Wars - Portuguese Translation Mistakes

Affected Language:
Brazilian Portuguese

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
Bed Wars

Affected Text:

  1. Aprimorar banco
  2. Pranchas
  3. Conjunto de armadura de correntes
  4. Sorte do sorteio
  5. Empurrão de Dory
  6. Bola de Sopro do Dragão
  7. Modal Legado; Modal Moderno
  8. Ícone Amigável de Jogador
  9. Nível 1 Gen
  10. Aprimoramento; Atualização
  11. Adquira atualizações de equipe para fortalecer a sua equipe

Suggested Text:

  1. Bancada de Aprimoramento
  2. Tábuas
  3. Conjunto de armadura de malha
  4. Fruto do Acaso
  5. Knockback Dory
  6. Bola de Bafo do Dragão
  7. Modo Legado; Modo Moderno
  8. Ícone de Jogador Amigável
  9. Ger. Nível 1
  10. Aprimoramento
  11. Adquira aprimoramentos para fortalecer a sua equipe

Explanation of Issue:

  1. The translation is confusing, giving the meaning that it is written to ‘Improve the bench’, while the original sentence gives the meaning that the upgrades will be made there. Another problem is with the word ‘banco’, which is more related to ‘park benches’ or ‘banks’ than a work table. A better word for that, even used in the Minecraft translation for the Crafting Table, would be ‘Bancada’.

  2. ‘Tábuas’ is the name given in the original Minecraft translation into Portuguese. Also, ‘prancha’ has more of a sense of ‘surfboard’, or a kind of bridge, while ‘tábuas’ are the epic wooden rectangles of carpentry.

  3. ‘‘Armadura de Malha’’ is the original name in the Portuguese translation of Minecraft. Both ‘Armadura de Correntes’ and ‘Armadura de Malha’ work, but ‘Armadura de Malha’ has become more common because of Minecraft, so I think it’s important to keep the translation correct to avoid confusing players.

  4. I imagine that the original text references the popular saying, so I think it would be cool to try changing it to a similar saying in Portuguese instead of translating the line literally. A saying, not used much, but known by most people is ‘Fruto do Acaso’ (translated as something like ‘Result of the destiny’). It has the same meaning, ‘‘it happened by destiny, not by chance or effort’’, and maintains the intention of using a saying in the name of the upgrade

  5. The current translation is something like ‘Dory’s push’, as if Dory had pushed someone, it doesn’t make any sense for an item name. Considering this item was inspired by Knockback Nemo from Sky Wars and Block Drop, I think it would be cool to keep the name. This way, players new to the server would have to buy the item to find out what it does (as they would do with the current translation anyway) and would already be familiar with it when they encounter it in other games, and old players would already understand what the item is about, as they would probably remember Knockback Nemo in SW and BD.

  6. Again, as with some of the previous translations, aiming to maintain the original Minecraft translation to avoid confusing players. Those damage particles that the Ender Dragon releases and can be collected in a bottle are called ‘Bafo do Dragão’ in the Portuguese translation of the game.

  7. I believe that the word ‘Modal’ is correct, it exists in the Portuguese language, but it is extremely archaic. Nobody says it anymore, some people don’t even know the meaning and will probably think it was a typo. ‘Modo’, on the other hand, literally has the same meaning as ‘Modal’ and is extremely more common and spoken, being perfect to avoid confusion.

  8. The translation is confusing, giving the meaning that the icon is friendly and a player has it, while in the original line it means about an icon for a friendly player.

  9. The generator level has been translated, but its abbreviation has not. While in English ‘Generator’ has its abbreviation as ‘Gen’, in Portuguese, ‘Gerador’, does not have a common abbreviation, so the closest and most correct would be ‘Ger.’, the initial 3 letters of the word, just like in Gen and Generator, and a period to make it clear that it is an abbreviation. The abbreviation has been moved to the beginning of the sentence as well to give the correct meaning to the whole translated sentence: ‘Level 1 Generator’ - ‘Gerador de Nível 1’.

  10. There are 4 lines in Bed Wars that mentions upgrades and their translations:

  • Team Upgrades - Aprimoramentos de Equipe
  • Upgrade Bench - Aprimorar Banco (previously suggested to move to ‘Bancada de Aprimoramento)
  • Purchase upgrades to buff your team - Adquira atualizações de equipe para fortalecer sua equipe.
  • You can’t afford this upgrade - Você não pode pagar por essa atualização

As you can see, the word ‘upgrades’ received 2 different translations in different sentences, when it was supposed to have the same meaning in all of them. I think it would be good to change them all to ‘Aprimoramento’ instead of ‘Upgrade’, as this second one mentions something more technical instead of the actual meaning of the game: a ‘power-up’, an improvement.

  1. In this sentence, in addition to the suggested change to the word ‘Aprimoramento’, as already suggested in the previous topic, it is important to highlight the appearance of the word ‘Team’ twice in the same sentence, which can make it repetitive. Also, the word ‘Team’ only appears once in the original line, so I don’t know where this extra one came from.

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Thanks for submitting localization improvements for BedWars, and especially for your detailed explanations!

After discussions with our translators, we have implemented most of your suggestions. The only exceptions being the following:

We decided to keep the translation of ‘luck of the draw’ as it is right now, just to maintain consistency. Additionally, instead of using the term ‘modo’ for the shop modal translations, we have gone with the term ‘menu’.

Thanks again for submitting these, and for your patience whilst we got around to processing them.