Bed Wars - Portuguese Translation Mistakes and Suggestions 2

Affected Language:
Brazilian Portuguese

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
Bed Wars

Affected Text:

  1. Concluir
  2. Desafiar Comerciante
  3. Medalhas do Desafio
  4. Medalhas em Desafios

Suggested Text:

  1. Concluído
  2. Comerciante de Desafios
  3. Medalhas de Desafio
  4. Medalhas de Desafio

Explanation of Issue:

  1. The translation of the text has the incorrect verb tense. While in the original English text, the line says about the challenge already being completed, the translation says that you still need to complete it.
  2. The translation is incorrect, giving the meaning that you will challenge the merchant (to a battle).
  3. I believe both are correct, but in addition to finding it important to use the same name for all translations of something, ‘de’ instead of ‘do’ sounds better for the original meaning in Portuguese.
  4. Same situation as the previous one, different prepositions for different translations of the same thing, except that the preposition this time takes away the entire original meaning of the line - the english sentence mentions ‘earn challenge medals’, but it became ‘earn medals in challenges’ in the translation.

Screenshots and/or video:




Our translators have approved these suggestions, and they will soon be implemented into the game.

As a small note, for future submissions, it’d be awesome if you could ensure that the capitalization remains consistent with the text as it appears in-game.

Thank you for contributing to the improvement of our translations! :translations: