Bed Wars Parcour translation improvement [German]

Affected Language:

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
Bed Wars Microhub (By “dying” on a parcour)

Affected Text:
Du bist gefallen! Rückkehr zum Kontrollpunkt …
Hoppla! Rückkehr zum Kontrollpunkt …

Suggested Text:
Du bist gefallen! Rückkehr zum Kontrollpunkt…
Hoppla! Rückkehr zum Kontrollpunkt…

Explanation of Issue:
Its just that in german there is a space between “Kontrollpunkt” and “…” which isn’t the case in english. Without the space it also just looks better.
Just a small thing.

Screenshots and/or video:

Our translators have approved this suggestion, and it will soon be implemented into the game.

Thank you for contributing to the improvement of our translations! :translations: