Battle wars suggestion

Respawn number: Infinite.
Time limit: 20 minutes.
Power ups: Resistance, Jump boost, Instant wall break.
Utility: Instant Wall, Honey floor, place able bounce pad, ender pearl.
Weapons on spawn: 2 stacks of wool, 1 shear, iron sword, chain armor.
Weapons on map: Bow, Snowballs, diamond sword.
Players per team: 10/10, 4/4.
Map size: TW Mega

Objective: Each team must reach 50 or 20 (depending on team size) total kills by match end.
Why this should be added: It requires skill in pvp to get kills but traps using utilities can also help get kills, it would be fun for casuals and sweats and both can beat each other.
Unlocks: particles for jump boost, win effects, medals that appear next to names.

Other: Each side has teleporters on their base island, these can be used to get to the other teams base, beware they may be trapped.

Personally I think that this game mode would be be really chaotic but I do like the idea of having a few potions and some of those feature but if you have all of those it would be a mess with trying to get all those items. And just making the gamemode and maps would be extremely hard to make especially with all or even a few of these features.

perhaps if some items were map specific? And to prevent only certain maps being voted different maps could be designed differently so jump boost fits with certain maps.


I’ve basically over hauled the suggestion now, I will add images of map ideas later.