Battle royal in mc

Lemme just say if the hive could make a fish that knocks people back they’ve gotta put in guns and no not fort it’s guns I’m talking about them call of duty guns

Could you elaborate more please?

I think this would be a bad idea, since The Hive wants to appeal to all audiences, and adding guns might be too violent for some younger players.


And Anti-Minecraft became popular (fortnight)

Whyyyyyy does everyone want guns in a block game now?

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Maybe the hive should add a battle royale game like chronos from galaxite but not like you implemented it.

Just play Roblox or COD if you want guns

That’s LITERALLY survival Games

i dont see this being added

Or of course the could update survival games because it is BORING

Facts my dude they need to make survive games like blackout battle royal in cod mobile

Ok, I see what your idea basically is, but you might need to elaborate a bit more imo. I am so confused of what you want to do with a fish and a gun.

Guns are kinda violent, and I don’t think hive really does that. . . .

On top of that, adding guns will probably bring some questionable people and/or behavior to the hive community.


I’ve already said this before, but slow down on the suggestions. Don’t get me wrong, I love a person with a lot of great ideas for this server, but there is a fine line between having a lot of good ideas and spamming the forums. I would recommend you post suggestions once every one or two weeks, and make an elaborate explanation for what you want to suggest. And also, please make sure it isn’t a duplicate topic.


Oh I thought you meant once a day sorry

me like guns

@Xyturial u like guns and duplicate topics :wink:

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Don’t add this please. We don’t need Guns and a lot of people that play on the hive are younger so this isn’t a good idea, besides it doesn’t really fit with all of the other games

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Guns will never be added as that is not appropriate for younger audience. That said this is also a duplicate suggestion.

Also, @b3tube please do not ping the staff to moderator the forums. This is very inefficient, and instead you should use the flagging feature to bring things to our attention. :slight_smile:

For more information: Tagging Moderators