Ban spawn-trapping in TW

Now when you have some endstone and surround the other team’s spawn with it (solo mode only), they can’t escape. Please add a spawn radius (like 1 or 2) or expand the no-building zone to 2-3 blocks around spawn.

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also the problem with this is the treasure (in most maps) is like 2 blocks away from spawn, letting you not be able to finish the spawn. this is a good idea, I’m just saying that.


Please vote for me then thx

I believe this is already against the rules, and I think that most maps already block the placement of blocks near spawns.


No. In TW, it only prohibits placing the block DIRECTLY on top of the spawn point, not around it.


I’m not 100% sure, but I think spawn killing is against the rules. Not simply just trapping.


I mean, it would be delaying the game, which is against the rules. Same with shop/2 block tall plant traps


Can I just ask, what was your point in literally just copying the same statement over in marginally different words?

spawn trapping is allowed as long as its to break their treasure

mj owns u has done it before, he trapped them in their spawn, bought a pick to break their treasure, then killed them


no. You can use it to break the treasure

Ah, that makes sense. Though I don’t see it as an issue if you kill them right after breaking their treasure

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But well they’re going to have NO way they can defend their treasure at the least

ok? play smarter

im never put in that situation because i am the attacker and not the defender. dont put urself in those situations



he is just reminding him ig

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That’s actually bannable due to flagging the anti-cheat to kick them.

well I tried it before and im perfectly ok. last time I did it was in August 2020, and I only received a communications suspension through December and not able to celebrate in the hub at Christmas (sad) and I was unblocked before 2021.

I agree,i had already been spawn trapped,they are cheating btw my username is Thunderai175

I vote anon6284211

Hey Thunder, welcome to the forums. First of don’t double post instead you can edit your post using the :pencil2: tool. If you agree with the suggestion you can vote for it.

Anon… means that the person has deleted their forums account.