Balancing Ghost Invasion

Hello Hive Team,
yesterday we saw the return of the halloween minigame ‘ghost invasion’, which is my second favourite game. However I noticed that something with your game is very wrong. In my two days of playing i have never experienced the humans winning. The game is not balanced at all, instead of a ghost hunting game, it is just about seing how long you can surivive until there are only 2 or 3 humans left, since the game is basically lost by then.
The ghosts get 99 lives, the humans only 14. This means that on average, every human must kill 7 ghosts to win. This alone is already a hard win condition for the humans, but if we take into account that humans get infected, thus lowering the number of humans, every human needs to take out even more ghosts than 7.
Furthermore, some maps are basically impossible to survive on, for example the Arena of the Dead. There is way to much open space to get surprised from behind without even having a chance.

I have some balancing ideas for this problem.
Number 1: introduce items for the humans to use, like invulnerability, multishot (no or very low zapper cooldown for a short time), rocket (something that takes out ghosts in the area it impacted) or something.
Number 2: lower the lives of the ghosts to a more reasonable number. If we assume (or maybe you can see the average number of kills) that every human takes out around 3 or 4 ghosts before turning into one, that would be around 56. Giving the ghosts some space for failed infections and keeping an eye on the fact that number of humans is declining, I’d say somewhere around 70-75 lives for the ghosts.
Number 3: I know that the game would be much easier if every human worked together and formed some line of defense, however in random lobbies you can not excpect this kind of teamwork. Maybe take that into consideration when fixing the game.

I hope you take your time to do at least something to make the game more enjoyable, because it is a LTM, i think it should definetly be the best it could be for a memorable experience.

Best Regards


I am currently max level on Ghost Invasion, and have played around 175 games, and the humans have won at least 30. Yes it’s difficult, you just have to play well. It’s not impossible, and i dont think these changes are really neccessary. its much easier for humans to kill ghosts, and i have played 175 games, with 900 ghosts killed as a human, which is the average of 7 needed. thats why ghosts have many more lives, because its so easy to kill them. if you think about it well and group up in a corner, just click shoot and youll win. Hope this helps!


The problem is, even if you want to group up in a corner, the only thing you can do is go in the corner yourself. I have played some more games now, and we as humans came close to winning like 3 times, when we were grouping together. However not many people understand that grouping together is the key, or where to group together (in the arena, people only group together in the worst possible spot, the middle).Even if winning is possible, shouldnt the result be 50/50? or at least something close to it? Why would you make a game where only one group has good odds at winning?

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Hello and welcome to the forums! This idea is pretty interesting just remember to add the “suggestion” tag so people can vote for this idea and Hive will read it
Thank You!

I’ve won as a human 4 times


Ive won as human twice out of 50-60

Its better to play as the ghost cause I get more exp when winning as ghost than i did human.


It depends, some prefer being humans because they’re good at aiming

how much xp do you get from being a ghost and being a human?

I get 120 from human and 160-200 with ghost

Like i mean how much xp do you get from killing a ghost? And killing a human?

17% win rate for humans seems like a pretty clear indicator that the game is unbalanced, but I guess most people disagree ):

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its a hard game yes, but i like it that way. you actually have to use your brain

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Just stay up till noone is on and play with all the nons

Camping in a corner with a group doesn’t take much brain but I guess it can be fun

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