Bad matchmaking

The matchmaking is annoying…because it depends on devices. Seriously?! There are way too many sweats coz of this. EQUALLY DIVIDE PLAYERS IN LOBBIES OR I’LL QUIT THIS SERVER!!!

Hey, your suggestion isn’t really a suggestion more of just you complaining about match making system. Also what device do you play on? Since if you equally divide players from different devices that would make it harder for mobile players and controller.

If you really don’t like the number of sweats their are you should try out a different server which may have less sweaty players.

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As a Nintendo Switch player, I don’t want to be put with PC players.

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For me, since I am a mobile player, I usually encounter a lot of pc players too, especially if I were to play survival games or skywars, but then I could be wrong as maybe some players in the lobby could be console or mobile players too

(tbh idk how does hive know which type of player someone is, like how does the hive even tell whether someone is a mobile, pc or console player)

im assuming you play on pc (just an assumption)

if yes, then please dont be so self centred and think about the mobile and console players who might find it hard to compete with pc players

if not then… idek

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also some console and mobile players probably have a keyboard being attached to the device, so they are then being classified as a pc player…? I think

Some players will also leave the lobby even before the game starts, which is why certain lobbies are not full

me too

Wrong topic.

Please make a constructive suggestion. Just saying things like “make it different or equal” won’t help us a lot. Any sort of idea would be really appreciated!!