Backwards sprinting gets you kicked

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):
Treasure Wars

What is the bug?
Explanation of the bug
Backwards sprinting for more than 10 seconds in a game of treasure wars gets you kicked by anti-cheat, with the error being “Bluebord”. This has only started happening recently (4 or 5 days ago max). Also this issue doesn’t happen in skywars or the hub, but I’m not sure about the other games.
If anyone wants to try to recreate this, you can backwards sprint by hitting S and letting go of W at about the same time while sprinting (slam left trigger back for controller players). Then go into 3rd person and run in a circle for a while.
Screenshots (I’m not sure if this will properly load)

Hey there :wave:

Sorry that this affected you. We’re currently working hard on improving our anti-cheat and this has unfortunately been an unforeseen side effect of some changes we have recently made. Our anti-cheat developer is aware of these issues and is working on fixing them