Avatar profiles for game unlocks

I think there should be avatar profiles of what a certain game unlock (trails, death messages, etc.) looks like because it will make it easier to choose what we would like to set in certain games besides going into a random game and testing how the unlock looks.

Currently the games that have this type of thing are DeathRun, Hide and Seek, and Treasure Wars (since they are the OG games). It would be pretty cool to have this implemented and I dont think it should be too hard to do…

Anyway thanks for reading this suggestion and feel free to put any feedback on this idea.

EDIT: This can also be a toggable thing since apparently this type of thing cant work with people using switch. It can be naturally toggled off but others can toggle it on if they would like.

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idk they should fix the switch thing first

wdym by the switch thing?

Now that you mention it, I see what you mean. I think that is an excellent idea especially since most games are starting to have an increasing number of unlocks and it would also be nice when you are trying to make everything match and look good.

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on switch (and probably other platforms) thos pictures dont load.
The game compass doesn’t load.
Players avatars (when its not at the end of the game) don’t load.
The maps in the voting screen don’t load.
The maps in the piaret hunt son’t load either.

Not a Hive issue, as far as I know. The switch version of Minecraft is very hard to make due to the limitations… before I get carried away, its a issue that Hive has no control over, just have to wait until Minecraft fixes it

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I mean, you could vote for it then lol

I edited the suggestion…

as a switch player this happened and I just archived and redownloaded the game and it was fixed, and also I have an older model (I think, it’s definitely not new by any means)

Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:

I think switches hardware is easily good enough to run Minecraft, its just Nintendo kinda hate every other company, so third party games are usually pretty trash.

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Nintendo have very little to do with development of Minecraft on switch. The only parts they interfere with are likely on the business side, mojang do everything else, it’s just the fact is that switch isn’t as powerful as the other consoles so it’s nothing to do with Nintendo lol, Nintendo just make better games on it because they have a better understanding of the hardware ig idk

Ah ye I guess that makes sense, Nintendo has expertise making games with worse hardware feel great.

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