AutoBridger in CTF

Please add an autobridger to the shop in CTF :slight_smile:

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If im going to be honest there would be no purpose to have an autobridger in CTF because it would be useless. I mean its only use for it would be to block enemies from a long distance.

Autobridgers are found in the Treasure Wars shop and they are to help make bridges across the void instead of you building and wasting blocks. This is to help go over the void only and will server no other purpose.

Even if it was added into CTF, it would mainly be useless.

However this is just my opinion

If you had a different use/concept for it in your mind, please share it with us c:


this would be great for adding more play styles into ctf, making it easier to cross the gap in underneath and the water in lago, and this would make games feel less repetitive as the Bridger can drastically change the way maps are played with a well placed bridge.
overall great suggestion and i don’t think this is too far out there for the hive to add and i hope they do :slight_smile:

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I think this could be annoying as ctf would become a game of whoever gets across the bridge to the flag first.


Would be cool to have. I wouldn’t have it go the full 30 blocks though, maybe only 15 (to stop/slow down people from just making a bridge across the top)

why tho there is no void


itd help you go more direct across the map, but fair point

I think this is a great idea, it would help the person with the flag have a better chance at escaping!

Why just why?
Most maps don’t have a use except maybe unearth
But there a TWO bridges dude

and a launchpad*

there are way more reasons to use bridges than just crossing gaps.
and as i said a well placed auto bridger can drastically change the way the games play out making the games less repetitive, even if it is just another bridge across the underneath chasm or the lago water whitch would help the game a lot cos i see some of yall saying this game is getting repetitive :eyes: and its small changes like this that end up making the big differences.

this man has sense☝

even on mobile u can still sprint and bridge, and on controller and kbm u can godbridge, idk what the use for this would even be unless its to help those who don’t know how to bridge, but im not quite sure how much this would help. It seems more likely that a sweat would get the flag, 180, and spam a bunch of autobridgers in a map like unearth and completely fill the tunnel. So, they would need to be decently expensive to counteract that but then whats the point anyways?

*edit, tnt still exists so im not sure if they would even opt for the autobridgers in this scenario

Please don’t, I get why some people might want this added to ctf, but I like it the way it is. I feel like too many people are trying to make it into treasure wars. The whole point is that its a different game, and I want it to stay this way


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I understand what your saying, and i agree.

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This might be one of the best first forum messages I’ve ever seen. Welcome!

Also this idea would give spawn trappers more tools, so I’m just gonna save my vote here.

This is awesome, because it can help you even when your playing on map ashram and you have the flag, and you can autobridge across that parkour over the water. well you got yourself a vote