Auto loot report option


an Auto loot report option in the report menu.
if u dont know what that is, basically the hacker opens a chest or a gravestone and they instantly looted the whole chest

More information:

for some closet cheaters the most obvious hack they have is auto loot, but there is no report option for it. although it is rare to find someone with auto loot i still think they should add this


Mostly when they have auto loot they will also have other hacks so just report them for one of those other ones and it will be to the same effect
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No i usually see them when I’m player sg and it’s mostly just auto loot

small bump, we really need this because i found another auto-loot hacker.

most auto-loot hackers have reach or kill aura, so i just reported the for Combat, but its barely noticeable to where the report could potentially get denied

we do really need this and that’s why im voting :sunglasses:

I dont think that auto loot is a real hack unless you can provide proof that it is.
I think what ur talking about is shift+ left click

You are fine to report these players for ‘Movement’. If they are cheating in other ways too we will be able to tell and punish the player accordingly :slight_smile:

We would like to keep reporting modules to a minimum to avoid overwhelming or confusing players.


ik a mod already replied to this with an explanation, but here is what “auto loot” is:

its basically “steal”, it just takes all the items from the chest in one button

Also to add onto this. Auto loot also automatically equips the stuff that you need.

(I think)

yeah it does

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