Auto-close threads that aren't active since 5+ months

Title is self-explanatory.

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As long as they change the voting system to where you can still vote on suggestions in closed threads

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I feel like this could make for a lot more duplicate topics by not being able to talk on the old ones, also this could be bad for forum games because they won’t be able to be played ever again even if someone feels like they need a resurgence.


Maybe make off topic not have those restrictions. Also, dupe threads are better than necroed threads imo as they’d have more relevant info

very true honestly but i think should have relevant topics closed and people can include more info in that duped post, but off topic shouldn’t it’s more fine to be messed around with.

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Why, though? All this would do is stop people posting on older threads, but a lot of the threads that get bumped after a few months are ones we’re still using: Games we haven’t played in a while, suggestions that got lost in the pile, things we want to add onto because we haven’t seen the thread before, etc.

I see no reason at all to auto-close them especially since, as someone said, we’d get a lot more duplicates from people who have something to add or want to revive a game but can’t.

The only time I see this being useful is maybe in the #help-me section since we can assume the question has been answered if the thread is inactive for a few months. Unless I’m missing something but I genuinely don’t know why we need this.