Asia servers, HIGH PING

The entire AS server is being affected by this bug.

So, from my own personal experience my asia ping went from 80 ping, to around 150+ and sometimes 250. Making the server almost UNPLAYABLE in terms of any pvp gamemode. And dont try saying “its your internet” because its not. on other servers i get my normal ping, meaning my internet is fine, also sometimes after reporting them on discord they get fixed for a day and my ping goes back to normal, but then the next day it goes back up. PLEASE look into this and fix it ASAP

I play on Win10. 1.18.12

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Thank you for submitting a bug report.

Your latency is down to your internet service provider’s individual connection to our servers. We sadly have no control over this.

If you are experiencing unusually high latency, it usually means that there is likely an issue between your ISP and our hosting provider and that your connection is being re-routed via a longer route. These issues are usually resolved, but as I mentioned, we have no control over this.

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