Armour and Sword as Upgrade


Instead of just doing the shop and filling up your Team Chest why not have an Upgrade instead then NO mess!!

More information:

Also be able to upgrade starting sword to iron from stone from WOOD with there respective prices and maybe throw in an emerald?

Armour would be individual and not show on the pillar

Can jump straight to Diamond as when you press armour takes you to sub menu same with Sword also maybe extra diamonds/emeralds

just throw it into the void whenever you see it, easy enough. I dont see any reason for it to be an upgrade though as it IS still personal, maybe if there was like a teamwide prot upgrade but not personal armor. it fits well enough in the shop imo

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Its not that easy on so e devices and anyway mivht as well instead of a wasting a diamond sword apcus you tried to do smth and now you can tget another cus theres a full diamond guarding the emeralds

Also isnt it annoying or usual!y losing your diamond swirdband the centre is being guarded!?!

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