Aquatic Bundle/New Summer Bundle Idea

A New Bundle for Summer time would be great for the Hive. I suggest a bundle with a costume and many cosmetics for games along with hub titles and avatars here.


  • Nemo Costume
    Everyone likes the knockback nemo in Sky Wars and Block Drop. As well as the Hive has an avatar and a hub title dedicated to the fish, so a costume would be a great implementation through the bundle or not.

Hub Titles:

  • Cool Off

  • The Heated

  • The Wave Rider


  • Sandcastle; this avatar can have a well built sandcastle with an ocean in the background as well as a crab on top

  • Cute Turtle; an avatar with a turtle in the middle of the ocean, maybe with a drink in hand along with laying on top of a floatie with a palm tree on an island in the background

Treasure Wars Cosmetics:

  • Squid Autobridger; Glow Squid if 1.17 update comes out soon enough

  • Beach Ball Treasure

  • Summer Creeper Treasure, a creeper with blue sunglasses

  • Giant Wave Treasure

  • Tropical Slime Treasure(Like from Minecraft Earth)

  • Sunburned Final Kill Phrase

  • Fed to the Sharks Final Kill Phrase

Sky Wars Cosmetics:

  • Crab Flag

  • Wave Flag, an example being close to the Great Wave off Kanagawa

  • Floating Tropical Island Spawn Vehicle, similar to the floating island but has a palm tree and can have a stream of water around it as well

  • Surfboard Spawn Vehicle

  • Blimp Spawn Vehicle, a bit off topic, but blimps are usually seen in summer

  • Drowned Kill Phrase

  • Turned into Fireworks Kill Phrase

Deathrun Cosmetics:

  • Sunset Cape

  • Seashell Cape

  • Fireworks Celebration Cape

  • Beachball Death Marker

  • Shark Death Marker

  • Surfer Death Death Skin

  • Sunburned Skeleton Death Skin

Survival Games Cosmetics:

  • Dolphin Spawn Pedestal

  • Beach Chair Spawn Pedestal

  • Into Sand Kill Phrase

  • Chomped Kill Phrase

Note: Gravestones is something The Hive is going to add soon, so the gravestone may not be the best of suggestions for the game.

  • Treasure Chest Gravestone

  • Clam with Pearl Gravestone

Murder Mystery Cosmetics:

  • Closed Umbrella Throwable

  • Seashell Throwable

  • Cannonball Throwable

  • Fishing Boat Gravestone

  • Kraken Gravestone; this gravestone could have a pirate ship boat with a giant squid wrapped around the boat

  • Coral Reef Gravestone

Hide and Seek Cosmetics:

  • Shark Fin Block Hat

  • Straw Hat Block Hat

  • Crown Block Hat

  • Shark Tail Block Legs

  • Flip Flops Block Legs

  • Diving Flippers Block Legs

  • Shark Face Block Eyes

  • Tropical Shades Block Eyes; an orange to pink transition from bottom to top of the shades with little palm trees sticking out the sides

  • Scuba Mask Block Eyes

Just Build Cosmetics:

  • Topaz Leather Safety Helmet; this is to go with the theme of gemstone safety helmets

  • Yellow Swirls/Orange Swirls Builder Trail

Note: This could potentially be the first bundle with Just Build, I just think to go with the theme of Just Build, I do not want to stray from the original and mess it up.

This bundle could come out in late June/early July and use most of the cosmetics listed, not all, due to that being too much for the price of a normal bundle without going Overboard haha. So the pricing for this bundle could be $6.99 with the costume and $5.99 without. I think this will be a great addition and flows well with the current bundles. I think picking the favorites out or just including some items listed here would be fantastic. Another Bundle could really bring a new theme to the Hive with new releases in the summer and could gain more traction with this. I hope this suggestion helped.


Great effort!!!


that’s a lot, so it should cost 5-7 dollars in minecoins, but overall great idea


The update will not be released in bedrock till June or July I believe. And actually, using a glow squid as an auto bridger doesn’t need an actual glow squid.

Hive artists just have to create a block bench model of it.


Oh ok, thank you, I still think a squid would be a nice change of pace to see.

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Yeah the pricing can be a bit weird, but I tried to base it off previous bundles. I’m not completely sure myself for price.

Should’ve just made everything balls

nice ideas you got here. I think a hub title called “The Tide” would fit pretty well too.

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I love this!! I would definitely buy it if this came out. (:

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YES we need a nemo costume 100%

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i would wear the costume all the time

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This is an excellent idea! Good job with all the details, definitely a fan of this!

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The Tide would be an interesting fit to go along with it, I do like it.

tide clan be like: invest