April fools idea


Push all ranks back for april fools.

More information:

This idea is quite simple. On april fools, anyone with Hive+ will lose their rank. Non ranks will turn into Hive-. Hive- has max party size of 2, half XP gain, half quest limit, basically everything except but friend cap is halved.

Meh, that would cause an outrage from everyone


Honestly, I love a good April Fools joke but can you imagine the sheer volume of emails/complaints they’d get? :,)

I’m all for some April Fools fun but it should be something that isn’t going to impede gameplay (i.e. max. party of 2) or cause issues for the people that don’t understand it’s a joke. :eyes:

Maybe you could go about the same ideas in a more harmless way? Like “oh no your Hive+ rank has gone missing you have to find it at the top of the parkour”, just as an example. That way people know things aren’t gone and hopefully won’t complain but are still mildly messed with. :wink: Or maybe the Quest Master should go on vacation somewhere in Hub… :thinking:


I have an april fools joke planned, it will do with leaderboard stats

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