April Fools '24

April fools is very funny

Turn on pvp for a day in hub and add nemo fish

Maybe cosmetics too like a nemo fish related hat

a fish mount for 4 players would be really cool

So people have already suggested pvp in the hub, and the general consensus seems to be no.
I’llake a poll though.
Anyway, the other ideas do not go into depth, like what do you mean add Nemo fish.
Anyway here is the poll
Would pvp be annoying in the hub?

  • Yes
  • No
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I think it would make a funny time! And a popping Evident video

The idea of hub pvp has already been suggested.

That being said, the Hive does an April Fools event every year, and I would be surprised if they didn’t do one this year.

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Can you link it


Thx bro! I’ll click it!

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I mean, it would be pretty funny ngl. Anyways, imo maybe it’d be too chaotic and can lead to annoyances more than being funny so

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Yeh when players are trying to do parkour, or go to a game they just get hit around

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@Stellar6666 About your poll:

It depends…

but if they make a personal command that they select if they can be hitted by others or not, I think not.

So, with this idea, to be able to fight with others, you will have to have enabled the setting to get damage by others and the others too.

Note: I wont participate in your poll, because my answer is “It depends”.


Yeah, like some people already says this, it will be ok if you can turn on and off the pvp mode.

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