Appear as your pet in the hub

Appear as your pet in the hub
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make a little button on the pet menu that let u appear as your pet in the hub.
More information:
What i mean appear as your pet is giving the player that owns a pet more control over their pet for example move as your pet and adding custom emotes for pets.

the reason why i think this is a pretty good idea bcs by giving more incentive to the player that already bought a pet

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There are mounts coming soon so I suppose this would would be half featured

The hive dont care about that, they care about providing a safe play area for all ages

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You’re slightly wrong

While the hive doesn’t care about profits as much as another server that shall not be named

It’s undeniable that hive needs money to run they’re server

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Slight issue•-• theres a rock pet

i think this would be a little bit hard for the hive to add, and this isn’t really necessary

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It was part of an April fools joke

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I think it would be a bit confusing trying to find your friend in hub and then bring a dragon pet.

ik•-• buuuut it doesnt move

What I said

It’s a joke

edited. omg very cool 10 alphabet bypass

y thats wht i mean

Is the 10 alphabet bypass a new Speedrun skip I haven’t heard of