Apk editor skins should be banned

People are using apk editors to get skins with cosmetics and capes they dont own.
Im seeing random people using mojang capes by changing the code of the game.
That is unfair and minecraft is trying to fix it
The 3D avatars were supposed to be bought with minecoins.
And the capes are supposed to be given to special people or minecraft admins.
The Hive should disable the skins that use apk editors to get cosmetics/capes
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Fun fact, its literally in the hives rules that you’re not allowed custom 3d geometry, but I saw many people with it so I made a bug report because there was clearly an error. To which I was told that they’re using retextured marketplace skins???
Even though they definitely aren’t

Also since the people have to normally make them themselves and 99/100 they have no talent in ‘art’ and only pvp they look really bad, or they just give themselves the same identical hat. && they also only use e boy/girl skins so they cant make them look creative like an actual hive costume. kinda ranty but idrc.

So apparently they are banned, even though I see several of these skins in every single lobby. (also I know for a fact they are being seen by staff since a) they’re really common, b) some of the best known players on the hive use them, and c) in those lobbies with a bunch of staff + partners in them, there are several people using them.)

TL;DR - Its against the rules, but none of the mods care to ban them (or they do, but just a pretty bad job at it)


Capes are not banned in Hive, even some of the Hive moderators and helpers use capes.

If a skin has too small or too big geometry, then you can just report them. Otherwise, capes, hats and things like those are not banned since they don’t affect the gameplay.

The Hive team probably has no issue with custom capes and skins so long as they do not give an advantage over others in games.

Personally I think it’s great that people can make cool custom models for their heads such as cat ears or hats. Java players would love that.

But Microsoft and Mojang probably do not like how people can make their own custom skins and capes however they please completely free of charge. Chances are they will one day patch out the method to create custom skins/capes on Bedrock, but I do not see Hive banning them anytime soon.

The only reason I could see The Hive outright banning custom skins/capes is if Microsoft or Mojang themselves say no more to them.

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they are though lol
as someone who designs “cosmetics,” we take certain geometries from skinpacks that are on the marketplace, recolor them, and then put them on our skin

Oh, I just assumed they were following a yt tutorial, because most of the cosmetics I saw were just plain black fedoras, that would take 0 blockbench experience to make

How does recoloring skin packs work?

Another thing I have noticed is a rise in mostly transparent skins. I hope they see that this is an issue

I think the best thing HIVE can do about this is disabling the cosmetics you get from changing the code of the game and adding their own official cosmetics you can get for minecoins or quests so no one has to use apk editors to get cosmetics.

It is a bit like ‘cosmetic hacks’ from Java, (skin blinker and stuff), they don’t harm anyone but you can get banned since you need a hacked client to use them.

It’s the same principle, sure a hat mightn’t do any harm, but then use the same method to change the game files and suddenly you’re ruining the fun for everyone

This needs to be added.
I’m not able to create my own skins without the character creator (switch player), which would be fine if putting on a jacket didn’t turn my skin into the ‘default skin selection’.

I understand limits to the character creator skins, as some paid cosmetics are massive, and would provide a competitive advantage but not items that extend like two pixels.

It’s just frustrating that pc players can use tiny little skins without hive putting up the stop sign! But when I put on a hat thats two pixels wide hive is quick to put a stop to that!

Some skins with custom geometry should be banned, but the ‘unfaif detection’ for cc skins should be improved aswell.

Not to mention some paid hive skins are pretty unfair…

Yes, apk editor skins should be banned, but custom in game skins should not be as susceptible to the ‘default skin selection’

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As stated on the The Hive - Rules support article, custom 4D skins will likely be blocked by our skin filter, however some do bypass the system. These skins are not prohibited, as they do not obstruct gameplay or provide an advantage to the player using them. These ‘cosmetics’ are pirated marketplace geometry, which is more of a concern for Microsoft. We recommend users refrain from using them, however, we do not directly punish for them. I’ve noted that a few users exclaim that “players can use tiny skins without hive doing anything”, which is not true. If a player is using this method to get skins that are smaller than the normal size, it is against our rules, and they can be reported to us.

Regarding character creator skins unfortunately they caused a wide range of performance issues on the server, you can read more here; The Hive - Custom Skin Support