Another idea 1B players idea

the 1B player on the hive should get a rank called Billionaire and get a costume of some rich guy as a thank you gift for being the 1B player. with the following
free costume for being the first billionth player of the hive
hub title: the new guy
YT rank friend like Evident TurboPiggy PotatoPie25
and avatar called: gift basket. (or a pet idk)
if this idea happens then i will play hive everyday (instead of playing every 5 or 6 days)


what is the need for this


This could just end up with some creating alt account to get the prize. a Yt rank friend would not be good. Also this should be in #suggestions NOT in #hive-discussion.


Ok in all seriousness I kinda like this idea. It could be abused but still interesting. I don’t really like the rank tho, but hub title/costume is a yes

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i think this would be better as 3 different suggestions because or just paragraphed out abit because theyre all mashed together!

Seems like something unnecessary that since one player would have it, wouldn’t be seen much
Also imagine it gets claimed by some nobody that joined knowing nothing about Minecraft and then leaves forever to play Fortnite without noticing… kind of extreme case but you get the point


I don’t think it’s likely that there will be 1 billion Hive players soon

someone with knowledge, tell me how many Minecraft players there are please.


I am not sure if the Hive is able to track the exact number of people to figure out the the billionth person to join the hive would.

If that is possible I think that rather then getting a custom rank maybe a hub title and a costume (of some sorts) would be better suited then getting a custom rank and all the other things mentioned.

I don’t think the Hive would plan to add this but maybe giving everyone who joins the day that the Hive gets 1 billion unique players could get a costume would probably be a more suitable idea


sorry if this is annoying, but why do you go on the forums just to say stuff like this? ive seen about 4 posts of you saying similar stuff to new users who don’t really know what they’re doing


are you saying that the rest of my contributions dont matter

no? when did i say that

well if you think i only ever post things like that it implies ive never done anything else ever

It’s really best to move on from the discussion, as players are able to suggest any of their ideas so long as it hasn’t been suggested before, and it’s best to avoid calling anyone out. If you ever feel that a user’s reply is off-topic or unwarranted, please feel free to flag it :blobheart:

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yes I think it is best we stop this conversation. people can talk this out on the xbox app ps app or discord.

why would you ever take a back and forth on the forums to the ps app

(legitimate question)