Allow players to look at taunt options when on cooldown

POV: You accidentally click the wrong taunt that gives you a different amount of points than what you want. You want to get 108 taunt points (6 llamas) and you want to get back on track with the correct numbers. You need to think about what taunt will give you the right amount of points to get back on track, but the problem is that you can’t remember.

This is where my suggestion comes in: While on cooldown you should be able to see what taunts give x amount of points. It could be cool to see the taunts have a cooldown time below them, but that’s another suggestion.

Of course, you wouldn’t be allowed to taunt whilst on cooldown, this would just help if you misclick something/need more info on taunts.

Thanks for reading, and I hope people can see the point of my suggestion.