Allow players to earn the GI Npc

So me and @GyrrabirdGamer have been grinding GI, and he recently hit level 20

I have to say, I am surprised that the GI Npc cannot be earned for reaching level 20.
This would be a good reason to play the game a lot, and would make the costume quite limited.

The main part of the Costume is already done, all that needs to happen is for the animations to be put in (is that how it works?)

Thanks for reading, and I hope this can be added :slight_smile:

I agree with this, reaching lvl 20 isn’t usually that hard, but we have to consider that this is LTM, so players who are able to reach 20 should be rewarded for their efforts.


I was grinding for maybe an hour yesterday and got to level 9 (im bad at grinding lol). Then someone told me that there was no costume for lvl 20 I just stopped playing GI cause there is no point in getting max level if there is no prize


I agree, I’m still grinding for the hub titles, but even they aren’t the best. This would really make it worth it.

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Can we talk about how one of the hub titles is a play on Geometry Dash’s level Polargeist?


Poltergeist is a Halloween themed horror/thriller movie from 1982🙂


yes well…why is it based off of the GD level huh?

yes ik about the movie. this is my attempt at humor smh


I thought about Luigi’s Mansion the poltergeist 3000 or whatever it was called

Poltergust 3000

Poltergeist basically means a ghost which causes havoc
Eg, Peeves for harry potter.


You’re all wrong
A poltergeist is a ghost that can possess inanimate objects


…and then causes havoc.

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…yeah, fair enough.

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